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 Size: 8" x 8" Mixed Media Paper on Wood Canvas * Premium Fee (Portrait)

"I absolutely love the art piece that Magué made for us, such a timeless piece

that we will always cherish. Magué took the time to visit our daughter in her room and

talk to her about the things she loved. She then incorporated the images and

color scheme to create a unique and meaningful piece of art. While visiting with us,

my daughter became comfortable with Magué and enjoyed making her hand prints and contributing to the art. In the years to come, this art piece will always remind us of her room

as a baby when she had those little hands."   Nicole Rossi, SF 

"Magué made an absolutely beautiful piece of art centered around our

18 month old daughter's handprints.  Magué put a lot of thought and care into the piece --

asking what colors would complement her room, pulling forward themes our daughter liked

-- and it is a piece we will treasure having to capture this fleeting moment of tiny hands. 

Magué is great with kids, explaining everything as she got the handprints,

making it a fun and exciting process for our daughter.  Thank you!!"  Gaby Mishev, SF

"With her wonderful love of children, Magué gently took each foot print

of my one-week old baby, then we easily rinsed her feet... to my surprise, it was clean, quick

and effortless. I cherish the memory of making it together as much

as the beautiful paintings I put up in the children's bedroom!"   Celine Wallace, El Cerrito

"What a lovely way to preserve my daughter's hand prints.

We love the original design of the piece-it is a true work of art that we will cherish forever."   

Sherry Shannon, SF

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